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The School of Athens – Raphael

Announcing our first two publications:

Discovering Humanism and The Origins of Humanism

Discovering Humanism sets out to show that there is an entirely reasonable, ethical alternative to traditional religion based on reason and concern for others, owing nothing to belief in the supernatural.
The Origins of Humanism traces humanist thought back more than 3,000 years from its earliest known origins through to modern times.
Both booklets are 36 pages in length and printed in A5 format

Print copies of both can be obtained free of charge by emailing with a request, or feel free to download PDF copies using the above download links.

International Humanist Publications is a not-for-profit organisation based in Witney, Oxfordshire, England, created in 2018 to publish works promoting and explaining Humanism to the general public.  Works will be made available in both print versions and on-line. As well as modern works we plan to republish classics of Humanist literature.